The Downsides of Porn Addiction

-Fire is one of the greatest inventions of human civilization. Think of a cold icy night, when you long for the warmth of fire on the fireplace. It will provide much comfort, solace, and pleasure for you. But what will happen if you take the fire out of the fireplace? It will not be comfortable […]

How to Divert Yourself from Pornography

-The pattern of watching porn as a diversion from other types of stress we face in life has shown that it ends up as an addiction. If you would compare such patterns with other vices in life, you will notice that people get used to having a certain diversion in order to be free from […]

Porn Isn’t Good for Me

-What is it with porn that is so addictive? I mean, of course the answer is a bit obvious, but really, what in it makes it so hard to quit? I am sure you have asked this question a lot of times already. Have you gotten an answer already? Whether you think you really know […]

Dealing with Pornography

-Try to remember the last time you felt so hungry or thirsty in your life that you could not wait any longer to grab a bite or even have just a sip of water. Anyone could have gone through this situation, but just like the hunger or thirst that we feel for anything, there is […]

How To Effectively Quit Porn

-As with any addiction, pornography can contribute to the deterioration of the individual, particularly if the level of addiction has reached a point where he or she has gone to extensive lengths to get porn, such as stealing or selling things to buy porn. As such, it is best to quit as soon as it […]

Keeping Tabs on Habits: Preventing Addiction

-Masturbation can be very addictive that is why it is very important to stop it before it gets out of hand. However, it will not be that easy to stop something you have gotten attached to doing. A person who wants to stop masturbating but does now know how would likely need some kind of […]

Getting Rid of Porn Addiction

-Getting relief from pornography addiction will certainly give you a chance to live a normal life with a normal sexuality. However, the road to a normal life free from pornography is very hard to come by once you are already in the state of porn addiction. There are many trials as well as temptations that […]