Beating the Pornography Addiction

-Overcoming pornography is nothing less than an ordeal for most of the chronic addicts. This is because of the fact that the media of 21st century has given easy accessibility and availability to pornography. Moreover, the availability of high speed internet combined with anonymity means that everyone can become an addict of pornography. Pornography addiction […]

Easy and Safe Guide to Quit Porn

-Quitting porn can be stressful and dangerous. Compared to other addictions, pornography can lead to depression as well as loss of life. There are many ways on how to quit porn but there are only few that can be done safely. These are certified and highly recognized ways that a lot of people have tried […]

How to Quit Porn Obsessions for Newbies

-All of us have encountered a porn obsession at a certain point in our life. This is a big problem, which involves a lot of frequent urges for watching porn and even sexual desires. This can also lead to a person doing masturbation acts as well as being a sexual predator. Still, many people have […]

The World of Pornography and Sexual Addiction

-There is a multitude of related issues when we talk about pornography. One is sex addiction. It is a widespread epidemic that is already hitting the younger generation. Sex addiction has become a remedy that covers up or copes with stresses and desires in the way of erotic actions or sexual behavior. Sexual intercourse and […]

Men and Women: Casualties of Pornography

-There is a great misconception about pornography and sex addiction being an act solely done by the male population. Well, these addictions are like any other addiction and it can exist in you regardless of your age and gender. For most of us, we associate sex addiction and sexual problems with men and few of […]

Strategies to Break Porn Addiction

-Breaking the obstinate addiction of pornography can be very challenging and tough and may take months or in some cases, even years. Pornography addiction is a clandestine business, and most people are unable to overcome it even if they have the resolution. This is because they want to hide their demons in the closet and […]

Activities that Help Overcome Pornography Addiction

-Pornographic addiction is a powerful compulsive behavior where addicts are unable to rein control over their sexual thoughts and feelings, even though their addiction may be forcing desolation and misery to be their constant companions. In a desperate attempt to change their lifestyle and to salvage their self-esteem and devastated lives, many addicts join rehab […]

What Can You Do To Stop Porn?

-What can you do to stop porn addiction? The first thing that you can do is just to admit that you are addicted to porn. You may be surprised with the number of porn addicts in the world, but this dilemma is real. There are millions of people in the world who are struggling to […]