How to End Pornography Addiction

-Pornography addiction has been rated as one of the most common addictive activity of teens and young adults all around the world. You may not be smoking or drinking but there are several times more chances for you to be addicted to porn. This addiction gradually becomes so distressing that one can not stop watching […]

Why We Should Eliminate Pornography From Our Lives

-Pornography addiction is known to have terrible effects on the social lives of all human beings. The types of sexual activities depicted in pornography are usually very humiliating, extreme and disgraceful for women. This results in the introduction of negative doctrines about sexuality among teenage boys and girls. Similarly, pornography addiction in adults changes one’s […]

Stepping Up Against Pornography

-Pornography has widened its realm in entertainment. For years of global modernization, pornography has become a booming industry with its access reaching any place in the world. The issue of pornography has raised many controversies and debates that are somehow vague and difficult to settle, taking into account the different sides and parties involved in […]

Strong Will and Determination: A Porn Addict’s Best Weapon

-The problem of being drowned in the addiction to porn lies in our own drive and will power to avoid or stop it. This is comparable to being addicted to other vices in life. Even with the many opportunities that we get each day that could help us get diverted from indulging in pornographic activities […]

Recovering From Pornography Addiction

-With the increasing amount of freedom that the media is gaining day by day, pornography addiction has caught many addicts in its trap. As many addicts know that pornography addiction is a confinement from which an addict cannot easily break free from. The rules of this type of addiction are totally different from drug cravings, […]

Tips to Help You Deal With Porn Addiction

-Breaking the obstinate addiction of pornography can be very challenging and tough and may take months or in some cases, even years. Pornography addiction is a clandestine business, and most people are unable to overcome it even if they have the resolution. This is because they want to hide their demons in the closet and […]