Pornography Decades Ago

-It’s funny how pornography evolved through time. Decades ago, videocassettes were the only devices that are capable of displaying pornographic videos and movies. These VCRs were just owned by the rich and high-ranking Communist Party bureaucrats, Foreign Ministry officials and a handful of rank and file with connections in household electronics dealerships in the Soviet […]

Tips to Prevent Pornography Addiction

-Research has proven that masturbating or pornography addiction is as powerful as cocaine addiction. Breaking free of this habit is a very challenging job. Masturbating is even condemned by most religions including Islam, the Catholic Church, and the Mormon Church. The masturbation addict needs to focus and acknowledge on the topmost issue: why does the […]

The Damaging Effects of Porn Addiction

-Pornography addiction can happen to a man as well as a woman. There is no age limit for a person to have a pornography addiction as well. A person who is suffering from pornography addiction can lust for sex, be it a nude picture or something real. A pornography addict often engages in watching adult […]

Ways to Stop

-There are two sides to the story and defense of masturbation. One is pro-masturbation while the other stands against it. But, none of the two allow you to masturbate frequently. As over-eating harms the body, over-masturbation has its negative effects on the body. So, if are a frequent masturbator, you must control it for your […]

Pornography Addiction: Take a Stance!

-As the media gain increasing autonomy, so do they ensnare pornography addicts. As many addicts are well aware, pornography is an iniquity from which an addict cannot easily break free. This particular addiction plays by different rules than other types of addiction, such as drug, alcohol or nicotine. To break the porn chain and be […]

Making the Right Choice

-Everything we do with our lives is from our own choices. Choosing to be pornography addiction free is one of these choices. As we all know, pornography is one of the most common vices and habits that both men and women certainly do. This is not only happening to adults but to young children as […]

Paving the Road to Curb Masturbation

-Porn addiction is usually accompanied by masturbation addiction as the sexual energy generated through watching porn can be relieved by masturbation. Addictions come alive when a person feels the need to escape from uncomfortable feelings or painful memories of the past which seem to haunt him. These feelings can range from guilt, boredom, to stress. […]