Knowing the Cause of your Addiction: Getting Rid of it

-Masturbation addiction is something that can be so thoroughly stirring that not only all your physical activities will be disturbed but even your peace of mind will become scant. Masturbation addiction is one the worst type of physical dependence. On extreme cases you will find people masturbating even at public places. Moreoever, masturbation addiction can […]

Infidelity: The Most Damaging Effect

-It is said that masturbation is one way of exploring one’s sexual being. As a large majority of people today have experienced masturbation, it is very easy to say that a lot of them also encountered masturbation addiction problems. This might be deemed as good and necessary in one’s life and yet it may still […]

Reasons for Pornography’s Popularity

-So why are millions of people turning into pornography addicts? Are they not bothered by their conscience? Have they failed to fear their God and their ultimate fate? These are the questions usually asked by normal healthy people. But if you look at the perspective of a porn addict, you will be able to understand […]

Control Yourself And Break Porn Addiction Indeed

-One of the most common ways to break porn addiction is to control yourself. If we cannot control ourselves, we might just end up lusting and thinking about porn every minute of every day. This is true for several people who become entwined with porn like they cannot live without it. If you or someone […]

Step-by-Step Guide to Overcome Porn Addiction

-Porn addiction is one of the worst types of addictions, and getting over it is never an easy task. To overcome porn addiction, you have to first acknowledge that porn addiction is a real problem that needs proper management. After that, you have to come up with a standard plan to overcome porn addiction. A […]

The Threat of Pornography on Young Minds

-The pornography virus is a deadly threat posing great danger to the children of this era. Recent research showed that there are a lot more cases each year of children infected with sexually transmitted diseases than polio cases, which recorded an eleven-year epidemic from 1942 to 1953. Pornography does not affect all the children in […]

Symptoms and Behavioral Problems of a Sex Addict

-Sexual addiction is a destructive form of addiction where the victim is continually bothered by sexual images and thoughts and uses sex as a means to console himself from other troublesome issues, which they do not have the willingness to face. Sexual addiction drives out all other means of interest from the person’s life and […]