Why pornography is not good for marriage

-All throughout history, marriages have been broken. Most are destroyed by adultery or concubinage, some are devastated by wars or plagues, while others are separated by death, family issues or cultural problems. Today, marriage has a new enemy: Pornography. And this enemy can easily and deceivingly destroy a couple’s relationship. When a husband uses pornographic […]

Addressing Porn Addiction by Understanding the Cycle

-Stopping or quitting from a pornography addiction is not easy if you do not understand what it is completely. This is one of the main reasons why people who want to stop or quit their pornography obsessions fail in their attempts. What is pornography? How does it become addictive and what can it do to […]

Marital Problems Involved in Pornography

-It is not an uncommon scene that a wife is waiting for her husband in bed, but he is watching porn. He has the chance to make, love but he is wasting time just by watching sex. Why does this happen? There are some reasons behind this. The first may be that the man is […]

The Mental and Emotional Aspects of Overcoming Porn

-There are quite a large number of ways that people with porn addiction can overcome it. Many people are now searching for ways on how to quit porn that they can certainly benefit from. Pornography is more influenced by the state of mind rather than the physical aspects. What we see and hear influence us […]

Revelations to Stop Pornography Addiction in Men

-Pornography is a very big problem that mostly men cannot control. Their pornography addiction is far worse than for women. This is because men are more vulnerable to thoughts of sex, watching pornographic films, as well as reading pornographic material. Men naturally have a weakness when it comes to women. From the time of Adam […]

Child Pornography Problems And Issues

-Child pornography is a very broad perspective and multiple offenses can be classified under this heading. A pedophile can commit sexual abuse of a child or can prepare a child for sexual training to incite sexual arousal for future production of child pornographic material. Child pornography is a prevalent crime which is getting out of […]

The Effect of Pornography in a Normal Relationship

-Porn plays an important factor in a man