Learning the Steps to Avoid Pornography Addiction

-Pornography is the extreme outburst of sexual feelings by image, video, magazine, painting, sound, sculpture, animation or anything which can overwhelm one’s thinking. A man who is educated and has self-esteem cannot continue watching porn after realizing its negative effects. But if one gets hooked in pornography, it becomes hard for him to avoid the […]

Ways to Know If You’re a Porn Addict

-Almost all current internet users have had a look at online pornographic material at least once in their lives. This might not be considered a serious social problem. But when you find someone who is a persistent viewer of pornographic websites and spends a lot of time on his personal computer doing so, then you […]

How to Put an End to the Pornography Habit

-Pornography addiction needs to be abolished before any problems arise that will not only destroy oneself but ones family ties as well. Pornography is one of the highly influential sins that people do each day which mostly happens to men. They can either engage themselves in pornography by watching adult movies as well as reading […]

Is Porn Addiction a Mental Disease?

-Some experts argue that porn addiction is more likely a psychological addiction rather than a physical one like sex addiction is. It’s been thought to fall under obsessive compulsive disorder because the porn addict feels an inability to control their compulsion to watch pornography. Although it is not considered an actual disease by many, porn […]

The Influences of Porn Addiction

-A pornography addiction can have many influences. This addiction can come from watching adult films, and reading adult magazines. This addiction can also come from the influence of your peers, which can give you the idea of pornography. Worst of all, this addiction can be influenced by the people in your family, which is one […]

Overcome Pornography Addiction

-In the words of Napoleon Hill, “Desire is the starting point of all achievement, not hope, not a wish, but a keen pulsating desire which transcends everything.” If you really want to get free from pornography addiction then you must have the will to do it. Overcoming pornography will usually need a self-help plan, but […]

A Person’s Perception on Porn

-A person’s priorities will depend on how he or she perceives aspects in his/her life. This is one thing that will always differ from one person to another. A person’s perception of one thing as something good may be perceived as something bad by the other. In the end you will begin to ask yourself […]

Domestic Effects of Pornography

-Pornography has changed the views of human beings towards passionate love and sex. This great shift on the mentality has impacted on the way married couples perceive life. Almost all countries around the world are industrialized and have felt the booming influence of technology. No matter what age you are, the impact of the internet […]