Pornography’s Billion Dollar Industry

– The vast expense and profit of the pornography business have made them a running and unstoppable industry in our planet. Their discretely great demand has turned the porn business into a billion dollar industry. Recently, the world annual sales of porn reached to $57 million. This great number is not a question because almost […]

Effective Ways to Break Porn Addiction

-Having a porn addiction really takes its toll on a lot of people making them suffer from the bad things that this addiction gives them. If you have a porn addiction, then it would be wise for you to stop this immediately before it destroys your life. There are many effective ways to break porn […]

My Porn Problem

-I have a problem. I know everyone does, but mine is something I am not particularly proud of. I have a pornography problem. It’s sad and humiliating but also provides me the satisfaction I crave for. It’s crazy! I want to stop it but I can’t. I’ve tried before and I have always failed. What […]

Tell-tale Signs of Student Pornography Addiction

-Every day, billions of students log on to the Internet for various purposes, out of which a certain number stumble upon pornographic images either by accident or by intention. Those visiting these websites by intention are already categorized in the addicts list, but those who visited it by accident have yet to decide their fate. […]

Various Negative Effects of Sexual Addiction

-Compulsive sexual addiction relates to having obsessive dependency on sexual needs for survival. This extreme dependency can play havoc with the life of a sex addict. Research proves that most sex addicts are on a suicidal verge. They have constant urges to break free of their addiction and to find peace with themselves. Sex addicts […]

Porn is Scandalous

-Well hello there. I’ll be straight to the point: I’m here to help. I understand understand your problem. I know the humiliation that comes with it and I more than know how hard it is to break the habit. A porn addiction is such a scandalous thing to have, and more so when you are […]

Bad Effects of Pornography to Young Adults

-Are you in your early 20’s and still finding it hard to successfully court a lady? Or even pick up a date? Yes, I know it is a rough dating world out there. I understand that although the dating world is filled with gorgeous sexy women, it is also loaded with chances of embarrassment and […]

Don’t Let your Addiction Dent your Personality and Image

-Anyone can become a victim of unethical deeds like porn addiction. But with the correct attitude and perseverance you can definitely traverse this temporary negative setback in your life. Success will not be elusive if you continue to persist in achieving your aim, even though you are meted out with failure every single day. It […]