Controlling Yourself

-Control! This is a strong word that is plaguing every addict who wants to overcome their addiction. In order to overcome your addiction, you must be able to control and let go of your bad habits. Do not be possessed by these pleasures. Just like breaking a horse, you need to gain control of your […]

Social Service: An Effective Step to Curbing Porn Addiction

-With the advent of the internet and the easy accessibility to all kinds of affairs, it is simply no wonder that more and more people are becoming prey to porn addiction. And the brutal reality is that the number of people falling into this dark pit of immorality is increasing day by day, and perhaps, […]

Controlling the Habit: Porn Addiction

-Invincibility towards temptation is beyond the limits of human beings. This world is full of temptations that continue to lure us in their web. But it is necessary for us to set boundaries to be able to resist bad habits and addictions and lead a balanced and moral existence. In this era of technology it […]

Knowing How to Quit your Porn Addiction

-People who have problems with porn and decide to quit, ask themselves many questions on what they need to do. People who know how to quit porn in an effective way find it easier than those who do not. There are many effective ways that people can use in their quest to quit porn. These […]

Major Drawbacks of Pornography Addiction

-Pornography addiction is just one of the many vices that a lot of people have today. Not only do men have this addiction but they also share this with women as well. There is also no age limit for people who have this vice, which is very indeed immoral. Having this pornography addiction does not […]

Stop Porn Addiction and Focus on More Important Things

-Nowadays, people often engage themselves in watching porn and doing nonsense things besides their obligations and responsibilities in life. They neglect the important things they need to do and just waste their time on things that do not matter. These people soon turn into pornography addicts because they cannot stop watching porn, as well as […]