Pornography and Its Debilitating Effects

-A porn watcher does not think that watching porn can affect society, but in reality, he is living in a fool’s paradise. Pornography deals with human beings and all humans are part of society. The bad effects of pornography are not a personal affair. All people know about sex, what happens every night between a […]

The Relation of Pornography and Violence

-A lot of researches today relate the criminal mentality of the youth to pornography addiction. Although the connection between pornography and violence is hard to imagine, researchers have connected this concept into the real world today. The issue of the connection of violent crime and pornography has raised eyebrows among various communities, but it was […]

Why You Should Overcome Pornography Today

-Imagine yourself returning home after a hectic day at work and a late night dinner with your friends. You are in your room all alone, and you suddenly think to have a look at your Facebook page. You do not find anything of importance there. Similarly, your email inbox is devoid of any important emails. […]

Porn in the Old Age Population

-It can be quite embarrassing when your friends tease you about your grandpa who is addicted to porn. An old age porn addict leads himself and his family into a deep ditch of humiliation, disgrace and dependency. Porn addiction in old age is as likely a condition as it is in teenage boys. The major […]

Overcoming your Weakness for Pornography

-Pornographic addiction is, in short, an obsession with fantasy and illusion. Addicts are so entangled in their web of lies and fantasy they fail to realize that their sexual needs cannot be met through porn. They need to know the reality that only healthy intimate relationships with their spouse can give them the tangible and […]

How to Overcome Porn Addiction with the Help of your Spouse

-Pornography only thrives if you give it the power to do so! Let me tell you the story of Martha. After a six-year relationship, Martha finally decided to tie the knot. She has been married for twelve years now, and during the duration of their marriage, she and her husband have watched porn at various […]