An In-depth Discussion of Sex Addiction

-When we talk about pornography, we come up with the idea of sex. When we think about sex, we sometimes associate it with the issue of sex addiction, and when we talk about sex addiction we somehow confuse it with the word

Problems of Overcoming Porn

-Overcoming pornography is one of the hardest and most challenging problems a lot of people as well as governments all over the world deal with each day. Some people might have certain addictions into engaging themselves with pornography which is indeed very hard to manage. A lot of people might know the consequences and problems […]

The Lies Which Come With Pornography

-Pornography plays on the shallow perspectives of lies and it is made to sell not educate. Pornography depicts sex as something you can have anywhere, anyplace and with anyone without any strings attached. It hides the blunt truths like pregnancies, responsibilities towards children, relationship building with wife etc. It uses the selling technique showing women […]

How to Battle the Urges of Sexual Addiction

-One of the intensely complex obsessions today is sex addiction, which is actually the exploitation of sex or pornography to tackle non-sexual emotional requirements and needs. Many people from various cultures and codes become the victim of sexual addiction and devastate their life in the process. Sexual addicts put everything at stake to indulge in […]

Deserting Porn Addiction: A Guide

-A lot of porn films have spread all throughout the internet like viruses. They have corrupted many young minds, as well as older ones, bringing lots of problems both physically and mentally. A person who wants to stop watching porn films will surely have a bright future ahead, while someone who keeps on watching it […]

The Ethical Values that Plague the Pornography Industry

-The pornography industry has gained much attention in the world of politics and religion. Nowadays, pornography is considered a serious ethical issue that one should take part in. It is an ethical issue because it points and affects the very values and essence of our human reason and rationality. First of all, watching pornography is […]

The Process of Recovery

-If we try to examine how pornography becomes harmful, the concept and mechanism are somehow vague. Research has shown that pornography addiction as well as masturbation is a depressant. One key reason why it is considered a deteriorating factor in someone’s life is because it controls and possesses you. While you are obsessed, you do […]

How Real is Porn Addiction?

-Pornography is soon becoming as bad as crack cocaine because it leads to addiction, sexual deviances, and erectile dysfunctions. The co-director of the Sexual Trauma and Psychopathology Program of the UPenn believes pornography to be “the most concerning thing to psychological health that I know of existing today.” Pornography has become particularly rampant because of […]