Sexual Addiction: Realities of the Bad Habit

-Addiction refers to a strong desire to do any particular job, though it is regarded in the negative sense. Generally, when people hear the word

A Slave to Pornography

-Do you often find yourself locking the bedroom door to watch porn instead of spending time with your family? Are you wasting most of your spare time in the virtual world of pornography instead of playing with your kids in the garden? Is masturbating while watching porn the best highlight of your day? If your […]

What Good Does Porn Bring?

-Any smart individual would know what he or she is getting himself or herself into. You won’t just dive into a lake without trying at least to ask about the safety of getting a dip in it. This is a basic principle of life; it is supposed to be a basic principle of life to […]

Pornography Defined

-Pornography has been widespread across the globe because of the fast rising use of technology. For some of us, it has dominated in almost every corner of our lives as seen and published through magazines and newspapers. It can be seen in the television, video games, and etc. Now, it is even more accessible because […]

Porn: Know What You’re Getting Into

-The age of puberty is also known as the period of heat and curiosity. There is so much to prove to the world when you are in this stage of your life. This is the stage where the common reason of “peer pressure” is usually used to get through hardships and tight spots. Among all […]

Wrong Impressions about Pornography

-Pornography, defined as sexually explicit materials that can cause arousal, is very deceitful. At first glance, pornographic materials may seem like a harmless and undamaging form of entertainment but beneath its core lies wrong portrayals of sex and women that are detrimental to the minds of our society, especially the young ones. For example, women […]

Causes and Effects of Pornography

-If you haven’t been missing classes, you might be familiar with the fact that everything that occurs has a stimulus, and for every action, there is an equal reaction. This is the same case with you and other people who are into pornography. Try to sit down even just for a couple of minutes to […]

What Makes a Sex Addict?

-Issues like sex addiction have existed for years already. Yet, the real root and reason of this mental psychological disorder are somehow vague. Well, porn addiction is somehow related with this issue and has been made the main suspect for the evolution of sex addicts. For a lot of addicts, sexual activities have become a […]