A Doable Guide to Quitting Porn Addiction

-Are you suffering from porn addiction? Many people today who are suffering from porn addiction have attempted to stop but do not know how to quit. This addiction poses a big problem for them that they cannot sometimes live without masturbating, watching pornographic materials, or even having sex. Quitting your porn habits is very doable, […]

Dealing with Porn Addiction

-Dealing with porn addiction is nothing less than an ordeal. Most porn addicts who try quitting porn eventually revert back to this addiction at some point later in their lives. Dealing with porn addiction requires proper planning and strong determination. Some porn addicts try to argue their addictions and give lame justifications for their acts. […]

Reasoning Behind Pornography Addiction

-In modern times pornography has become a culture that it is not regarded positively. There are many reasons behind it. Addiction to pornography may be developed in one’s character from his childhood. The environment where a child is growing up may be responsible for it. If the child is growing up in a quarrelsome family […]

The Importance of Avoiding Pornography

-Some people think that porn watching is totally a personal affair since it is viewed alone, so it may not harm anyone. In reality, porn watching can harm both the porn viewer and the people around him or the whole society. Porn is created only to entertain us; there is nothing real in it. Porn […]

Employing Faith in Quitting Porn

-Many people find quitting porn very difficult because they see nothing wrong with it, or they do not view it as a problem. Porn is a part of their lifestyle and daily routine, and some people just cannot quit watching porn. Some have even tried going cold turkey, going to counseling, open forums, attending group […]

The Unhealthy Lifestyle of Pornography Addicts

-Have you ever landed in your bedroom on a Saturday afternoon with no homework given, no chores to run, and nothing to do? Imagine your body starting to heat up, and that tingle of excitement is starting to climb up your spine. Then suddenly you remember that college cheerleader that walked past you yesterday. She […]

Learning How to Overcome Addiction in Three Steps

-Pornography has come up with an invasive cult that has spread like a disease in all parts of the world over the last couple of decades. Pornography addiction is considered one of the main causes of the increasing sexual events including homosexual relationships as well as cases of rape. Moreover, it is closely associated with […]

The Internet’s Contribution to Pornography

-Pornography is one of those things that kids these days just grow up with. Before, pornography was not as easy to enjoy. It is also no secret these days that the Net is used for pornography-and on an astronomical scale! With the ease by which you can view porn, getting hooked on it is not […]