Pornography Realization and Acceptance: Putting a Stop to the Addiction

-Porn has been a great part of one’s life, especially those in the puberty stage. However, the numbers have risen for other age groups as well. The big problem with the person involved in porn is not the fact that he or she is doing it or into it. Majority of it lies in that […]

The Break Porn Addiction Plan Discovered

-Do you have a porn addiction? Are you willing to change your life for the better? Then you might need to break porn addiction immediately with a very effective plan. There are many plans, programs, and guides available in the internet for people who have porn addictions. These materials are very helpful in their struggle […]

How to Move Beyond Pornography Addiction

-Have you ever experienced masturbating? Have you ever seen a pornographic movie? If you have, then you are surely at risk of having a pornography addiction filled life. This addiction is very common to many people nowadays because it has very prolific sources and it engages sexual desires and urges. Once you start being influenced […]

Overcoming Pornography: The Four-step Process

-Pornography addiction is a social dilemma that has gone viral over the last two decades. Now, we live in a world where more than 80% of teens and young adults masturbate on a regular basis. Most of these masturbation addiction cases are directly related to watching porn. Watching porn is a strong phenomenon that lefts […]

Different Phases of Porn Addiction

-Naturally, every person has a different mindset than another, so what may be an addiction to one may not have any impact on the other. Similarly, porn addiction does not work equally on everyone. However, experts have identified different stages of porn addiction: early exposure, addiction, escalation, desensitization, and acting out. The first stage of […]

Overcoming Internet Porn Addiction

-In the 80’s and 90’s, young kids used to look at pictures of models in bikinis with eyes wide open with surprise. The use of pornographic literature in the form of stories or playboy magazines has been overridden by the current advent of internet porn. Internet porn is the most rapidly spreading type of porn […]

Pornography Addiction: How Your Secret May Destroy You

-Everyone has secrets that they would want to bring to their graves. Sadly, some secrets destroy folks more than others. One secret you probably have is a masturbation addiction. It is sad, but you cannot help it! There is plenty of research to back up the claim that porn addiction can be likened to drug […]

How to Overcome Pornography Effectively

-Pornography has become viral in almost every part of the world. Many people have become dependent on pornography and are trying to get rid of this habit. Unfortunately, getting rid of pornography addiction has never been easy. A significant number of people who once get addicted to pornography eventually revert back to their old habit. […]