Porn Addiction Fact Sheet

-Porn addiction and nicotine addiction are two of the most common addictions we face today. The consequences of substance abuse are widely discussed in different circles, but porn and masturbation addiction is still a sensitive issue, mainly because talking about sex, porn and masturbation is a little bit more sensitive and is considered taboo in […]

Reasons to Quit Pornography

-Everyone knows that lust can turn harmful but the question that is most frequently asked by chronic porn addicts is: why is porn so bad? Here are the top 4 reasons that dictate why pornography is a bad thing and how it can ruin your practical as well as social life.

Symptoms of Compulsive Sex Addiction

-Highly prevalent in our society, sex addiction can be described as a compulsive disorder that is characterized by excessive sexual thoughts or acts. These acts can be classified into three categories: shameful, illegal and abusive. Like all addictions, sex addiction also has a harmful effect on all those connected with the sex addict, especially the […]

Four Basic Steps to Ending Pornography Addiction

-Getting rid of pornography addiction is a difficult task. You may find several people around you who have made multiple attempts to rid themselves of the addiction but have all landed back in the same place, watching porn again, after perhaps a short break. There are four basic steps that can help you in getting […]

Stop Porn By Avoiding Triggers And Teasers

-Imagine yourself trying your best to stop porn addiction. You have limited the use of internet. You have deleted every bit of pornographic material from your personal computer. It has been two weeks that you literally have been disconnected from every form of porn and now all of a sudden while watching a Hollywood movie, […]

How the Internet Fostered Pornography Addiction

-Pornography has now become the most common buzzword and may be the worst side effect of the developed communication system. The word pornography refers to objects that make an extreme outburst of sexual feelings. Pornography can be found in images, videos, magazines, paintings, sounds, sculptures, animations or anything else which can overwhelm one’s thinking. The […]

Stop Looking Porn at Your Computer

-Our computer has now become an inseparable part of our daily life. Besides the advantages of owning a PC, it also has some disadvantages. One of the commonest disadvantages is watching pornographic materials. Porn can be found almost everywhere in the Internet. It can also be from your friends who share the same addiction. If […]

How to Put an End to Pornography

-Today the media and the Internet have gone all the way to promote sexuality to such extent that the pornography poison is devouring more and more people every day. It is very easy for people to fall in the snare of pornography but fleeing away from it is no straightforward job as most people have […]