Intense Porn Addiction

– Your life is your business. What you do with it is completely up to you. But, of course, there are certain limitations when it comes to the things you like to do. When what you decide to have as a hobby is destructive, then you can expect your life to become a lot more […]

How to Tell If You’re Dealing With Porn Addiction

-Scientists have shown that there is a difference between just watching pornographic material and being addicted to it. Addiction, as the name indicates, is something bad and usually disrupts your normal life activities. Unfortunately, there is no definite line between these two states and you only come to know that you are addicted to porn […]

The Devastating Effects of Pornography

-Pornography has tremendous devastating effects on those who continuously engage in it. It distorts one’s concept of sexual relation. Through time, married individuals who engage in pornography are not satisfied with the intimate relationship with their spouses anymore. Hence, a relationship gap occurs between the husband and the wife. The spouse may not be aware […]

The Numerous Advantages of a Pornography Addiction Free Life

-Quitting pornography addiction is not without benefits. Here is a list of top benefits of quitting porn that can motivate any person to stop watching porn. 1. The main advantage of quitting pornography is regaining of self respect. Once you are clear of this stigma you will feel the confidence in your soul and your […]

The Progressive Effects of Pornography

-The effects of pornography are progressive and addictive. Watching too much porn or being addicted to porn leaves some heinous effects which you may eventually dislike as a porn addict. The first effect that porn manifests is the unquenchable thirst for sex. As you watch sexual activities all the time, it will definitely make you […]

Defeating Pornography Effectively

-Defeating the green serpent of pornography and overcoming pornography addiction requires very strong will power and the fullest ability to realize and accept your addiction. The most basic step is to admit that you are under the pornography spell and the next step is banishing it out of your life forever. But when it comes […]

How to Resist Watching Pornography

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Porn Addictions and Perverts

-People are considered perverts when they have abnormally high levels of lust that cause them to engage in deviant sexual behavior or unethical sexual activities. A 15-year old in Chicago once claimed she found her soul mate over the internet. They were speaking for months before they planned a meeting. She was asked to come […]