Don’t let porn get in the way of rational thought

-Women tend to be more emotional than men. In other words, women directly express their feelings. Unlike women, most men are indirect in expressing what they really feel. This phenomenon, where men are discrete with their actions and expressions leads to an issue that is already widespread. This issue is called pornography addiction. Addiction is […]

Four Steps to Get Rid of Pornography Addiction

-Getting rid of pornography addiction is a difficult task. You will find several people around you who have had multiple attempts to get rid of pornography addiction but all landed back in the same place watching porn after a little break. There are four basic steps that can help you in getting rid of pornography […]

The Negative Aftereffects of Porn Addiction to the Community

-Pornography is becoming a major ethical situation today, and there is an even greater need to put a stop to this monstrous disease possessing the minds and souls of our generation. Everyone surrounding a porn addict is adversely affected by his addiction; the most being the addict himself. Pornography has violent negative effects and is […]

Psychology Helps Overcome Porn Addiction

-Our thoughts direct our actions. Therefore, changing the thoughts can transform our deeds. Similarly, if you are addicted to pornography or masturbation, it is a world of fantasy that your mind has created, where you are unable to escape because the temptation is too great. Your mind associates the temporary pleasure with the natural sexual […]

Factors that Cause Pornography

-Whether young or old, there is something about pornography that sort of unites every male on this planet. Thankfully this, shall we say, fixation on sex is one good reason why our race rules this whole place. Like anything good (or feels good) though, you can always go overboard with pornography. There is a price […]

Avoid Watching Porn the Surefire Way

-Watching pornographic films, as well as reading pornographic materials, is one of the favorite pastimes a lot of people do all over the world. This might be different from other pastimes like watching television and reading books as this involves our own sexual organs. Watching porn films is a very immoral act that people should […]

The Harmful Effects of Porn on Relationships

-Porn is an issue that needs to be immediately addressed. There is no such thing as positive effects of porn addiction because there is none. All you get is negativities, especially in real world relationships. When you begin to live in a fantasy world, it’s time you do something. Porn is mostly watched by men, […]

The Hidden Truths of Sexual Addiction Revealed

-Sexual addiction is a disorder of unhealthy sexual urges and desires distinguished by compulsive sexual thoughts and actions. With so many magazines featuring attractive women on their front cover, it is no wonder that sex addiction is ablaze in many men. Akin to many addictions, sexual addiction has many negative bearings on the lives of […]