A Highly Recommended Treatment for Porn Addiction

-Do you want to become a sexual predator? A sexual predator is someone who is deeply influenced with pornography addiction. This is the worst case scenario for someone who is obsessed with sex. If you do not want to become one, it is certainly recommended for you to stop any vice you have with pornography […]

A biblical view of porn

-According to the book of Genesis, God created man in His own image and likeness. From this verse, we can concur that the image of every man and woman is pure and holy. Contrastingly, in pornographic materials, men and women are portrayed as sexually craved immoral beings with no regards to emotions or spirituality. This […]

Seeking Professional Help to Stop Porn Addiction

-There are many problems in life that we could deal with by ourselves. Sometimes, it takes our own determination and will in order to get things done. But when things seem to be a little out of hand, it does not make us a lesser person to seek for assistance. Having the right support and […]

What makes one need porn?

-If you look into your daily groceries or daily expenses and sum up the list into a week or month, you will see all the usual things you spend your money on. You may even notice some things that shouldn’t have been bought or paid for. These are those things that you could have continued […]

How to Overcome Pornography

-There are many ways in order to stop oneself from craving for pornography. Yet, some of us get lost during the process and end up failing. Many famous personalities share their sexual addictions and shortcomings. Yet, they hardly discuss masturbation and pornography. These two topics have become a silent epidemic that is hitting every home […]

4 Reasons to Quit Today

-Masturbation is a social disease which everyone probably has their own opinion about. Some people like to justify their acts of masturbation by giving lame excuses while there are others desperately trying to get rid of their habit. Many people go to their physicians and psychologists to ask why should they quit masturbating. For those […]

Should I Be Worry About Being a Porn Addict?

-The pornography industry has made it nearly impossible for a person NOT to encounter any pornography at some point or another. The porn industry is a multi-billion industry and they cater to people from all walks of society, whether regular Joe or full on porn addict. But how do you determine whether a person is […]

How to Quit Porn for Beginners

-Many people have been addicted to porn for several years already. There are also those who are just on the verge of starting or have already started watching porn. This might come as a shock to many people, but mere humans as we are, we also make mistakes during our life. This mistake can be […]