Thoughts that Help Overcome Porn Addiction

-Your thoughts direct your actions. As the saying goes, “if you can think it, you can become it”. Applying this to pornography addiction, if you have the power to make the resolution to surmount the greatest of weaknesses, you surely have the capacity to channel your actions towards a positive and moral goal. Changes do […]

The Role of the Mind in Stopping Porn Addiction

-Porn addiction, like every other addiction, is related to certain parts of our brains. Many therapeutic drugs and opiates have strong addictive properties because they alter the normal functioning of our nervous system. In the case of porn addiction, the memory storage and information retrieval system of our central nervous system is involved. Scientists have […]

The Porn Addiction and Brain Connection

-Scientists have evaluated that the expression of sexual desires is one of the basic necessities of human beings. Actually sex is closely associated with the most primitive instincts such as eating and drinking. All the natural acts that bring contentment and satisfaction to our body eventually result in increases in dopamine levels in certain areas […]

Educating the Children of Pornography

-Though it is impossible to eradicate pornography completely, parents can take a strong stand to protect their children from this vastly prevalent addiction. Pornography is a sensitive issue, and parents and teenagers both are very uncomfortable when discussing about it face to face. Parents and teachers both look at pornography with condemnation and are forever […]

Important Steps to Avoid Pornography

-Pornography is the extreme outburst of sexual feelings by image, video, magazine, painting, sound, sculpture, animation or anything which can overwhelm one’s thinking. A man who is educated and has self-esteem cannot continue with porn watching after realizing the negative effects of this habit. But if one gets hooked in pornography, it becomes hard for […]

Why is Pornography an Addiction

-When you label porn viewers as addicts you will be surprised to discover that they do not like to be tagged that way. Most people won’t even admit succumbing to this addiction, and many will just turn away if you tell them that porn addiction is harmful. No one likes to be told negative points […]

The Sad Consequences of Porn Addiction Among the Youth

-The ghost of pornography addiction has taken over the whole world over the last couple of decades. Where internet has connected each and every home on the surface of planet, pornography has become equally accessible on every computer connected to the internet. This is an era of digital technology and young kids in their early […]

Life Beyond Pornography

-As men, there has always been this unavoidable display of machismo that has to be expressed. Boys like to have fun, just as girls do. But since there is a very profound difference with the ways both sexes have fun, conflict is expected. As kids, watching pornography was not a big deal. Well, maybe it […]