Ways to Stop Yourself From Masturbating

-Masturbation is not a healthy process and it will often have some nasty effects on your life when abused. Even though masturbation can be prescribed for certain cases, in most cases, it is recommended that masturbation be kept to a normal level. Here are some tips to stop masturbation when you find yourself doing it […]

The Physical and Psychological Effects of Masturbation

-An addiction to masturbation can cause a lot of problems in both men and women. Some might say masturbation is good; a large majority, however, say it is bad. An individual who is addicted to masturbation may lose control and end up becoming a sexual predator. This is a very bad thing as this person […]

The Negative Effects of Child Pornography

-Child pornography can be defined as the depiction of sexually illicit acts with a child that can either be computer generated or in the form of video or film. It is one of the fastest growing sexual crimes committed by virile pedophiles who victimize prepubescent children or minors. Some pedophiles even go to the abusive […]

Excessive Masturbation

-Masturbation is a weak man’s habit. Although in some cases it is considered part of the accepted norms, masturbation is still a cause for concern, especially when done excessively. Believe it or not, excessively pleasuring yourself on your own may cause physical, emotional and mental harm. Physical harm may come from skin irritations of the […]