Sex Addicts and Their Behavior

-Addictive behaviors are oftentimes very difficult to restrain, giving rise to detrimental consequences. Sexual addiction is not only a sexual predicament but a relationship dilemma. Sexual addicts are not devoted and faithful to one partner and have practically no regard for commitment or fidelity. Sexual addicts are almost always associated with promiscuity, infidelity, short-term flings, […]

The Addiction of Masturbation in Women

-Women, like men, have their own masturbation addiction as well. This might not be applicable to all women, but it is a very common addictive problem that occurs to the majority of women today. This addiction can be experienced by adults who are having a very active sex life as well as by young teens […]

When Masturbation Turns to Addiction: How to Stop It

-Masturbating is often described as an act of stimulating ones sexual organs to the point of achieving an orgasm. This act to some people might be good but for some it is the exact opposite. Whether you’re a man or woman masturbation occurs regardless of age. To many people masturbation can simply just be a […]