Advantages of Stopping Masturbation

-Almost all religions that are currently being practiced all over the world condemn viewing pornography and declare masturbation an immoral act. This could be a motivator for certain people to quit masturbating but a big part of the population is still involved in masturbating frequently. Stopping masturbation is not without certain advantages. On the quest […]

Manifest your Hidden Talents and Give Up on Immorality

-Overcoming your porn addiction is a task that takes sheer effort and lots of time. For some people, surmounting over their failings is quite effortless, and for some, changing the desires of the heart is the hardest and full of intricate challenges. The time that will elapse before you are able to overcome your obsession […]

Free Yourself From the Burden of Pornography

-Imagine a scenario when you have just entered your home and there is no one at your home except your younger brother. Your entered your home quite stealthily because you wanted to surprise your brother. When you reach the door of his room, you start hearing obnoxious voices from a pornographic movie. You decide to […]

True Account of a Masturbation Addict

-Masturbation is a heinous habit of man. Before, I used to masturbate once or twice a day. So I know well how a masturbator feels and how much injurious it can be to a person. Masturbation took away a lot of energy from me, energy that I could have spent on achieving goals in my […]