How to Manage Masturbation Addiction Properly

-After finding out the reasons of your masturbation, your next mission is to handle the situation. Handling a situation is a great skill which you need to constantly practice. In any situation, you need to control your feelings, not the other way around. Feeling is the sum total of your thoughts, your ways to interpret […]

Stopping masturbation: a step by step process

-If you are reading this article, you have actually taken the first step in solving your current problem. Yes, masturbation is a problem. When you are doing it excessively (2 or more times a day), or when your time is being consumed by it, or when instead of doing productive things you are locking your […]

Medical Issues That Can Arise From Frequent Masturbation

-Most people masturbate to achieve pleasure but sometimes it proves to be very dangerous or even a life-taking activity. Scientists have shown that masturbation and sexual orgasms put an extra load on your heart thus eventually making your heart get weaker and weaker and more prone to cardiac failure. Similarly, if you are suffering from […]