When Masturbation Goes Way Out of Hand: How to Put a Halt to the Habit

-As we all know, at some point in in our life we have tried masturbating, watched porn movies, and even had the pleasure of experiencing sex. Masturbating is a sexual act in which we self stimulate ourselves up to the point of an orgasm. This is true for many people who masturbate at a daily […]

Be In the Know: Stop Masturbating

-Stopping masturbation is not an easy task as it is all up to you whether you will masturbate or not. The act of masturbating will depend solely on your decision, so, you need to have the will to stop the act. You may note down your daily progress in a calendar so that you can […]

The Perils of Masturbation Addiction in Teens

-Many young people today are experiencing the problems associated with having a masturbation addiction. They might be suffering from depression, excessive experimentation or be masturbating even more than they would as a result of peer pressure. As young children mature into teenagers, they tend to experiment and explore their bodies both physically and emotionally. At […]

Purging Yourself Clear of the Masturbation Addiction

-Drug and alcohol addictions are very common and accepted socially, and there are even treatments available to get rid of these dangerous cravings. Regrettably, sexual addictions, though quite widespread and very intense in their nature, are very difficult and dangerous obsessions to prevail over. Lack of knowledge about powerfully repulsive disorders like pornography and masturbation […]

Tools to Help Recover from Masturbation Addiction

-Masturbating is a common habit that men and women do to please themselves. This is a very simple problem that tends to be very addictive, but one that causes a lot of complications if not stopped immediately. Learning how to stop masturbation takes a little time and effort. This should be done at the soonest […]

Frequent Masturbation Across All Ages

-Masturbation is a very common act in today’s society. Almost every person has masturbated at one time of his life or another. Increased frequency of masturbation, usually regarded as masturbation addiction, is a problem for both genders. In addition, this problem is not only limited to young people, rather it has come out as a […]