A Straightforward Step to Combat Masturbation

-Life is full of surprises that can be both positive and negative. There are many things that can change the way we live in an instant, but at the end of the day, it is still up to us to do the right thing. One of life’s many surprises is an addiction to masturbation. This […]

Masturbation and Pornography Addiction are Defying the Laws of the Universe

-Masturbation is a very frequent practice amongst young boys and adults, and there is hardly any male who has not tried masturbation to gratify sexual curiosity and interest. However, masturbation is an addiction, which runs on the fuel of pornography addiction. Man can use any technique to rise himself to the climax of pleasure and […]

Totally Stop Masturbation Addiction

-All over the world, people are struggling with how to stop masturbating. It might seem a very simple problem but once a person becomes addicted to masturbation, that person will always feel the urge to do it over and over again. This could become a matter of life and death for some people because as […]