Pornography And Masturbation: The Connection

-The word “pornography” refers to the extreme outburst of sexual feelings by image, video, magazine, painting, sound, sculpture, animation or anything which can overwhelm one’s thinking. The purpose of pornography may be the arousal of sex, then masturbation. Masturbation and pornography go together, hand in hand. By watching porn, you masturbate and to continue the […]

Short- and Long-term Effects of Masturbation

-Masturbation to porn could be one accepted fact nowadays. In this generation where rampant pornography is observed around us, masturbation became a libido regardless of what age bracket you belong. The pleasure it can provide to an individual is somehow becoming equal to a person undergoing sexual intercourse. The recent news that has surfaced in […]

Effective Ways to Quit Chronic Masturbation

-Masturbation is an act in which a male or female tries to release his or her own sexual tension through self stimulation of the genitals in order to achieve orgasm. There are different methods of how to stop masturbation, but in this article you will find only the most effective and the easiest. First of […]

Avoiding Pornography and Masturbation

-There are instances that we end up being an addict because of something that we find so irresistible. This addiction could be a problem especially during the recovery process. Like alcohol addiction, pornography is an addiction that is so hard to overcome. Overcoming pornography is a concept being asked by many people around the globe. […]

Masturbation and Its Disturbing Effects on the Brain

-If you look at the people around you today, you will be surprised to know that most people consider over masturbation as a normal phenomenon of life, regardless of the dangerous risks it poses. They deem it unnecessary to delve into the depth of the issue and realize how over masturbating is changing their life […]

Knowing How to End Masturbation Addiction

-In general, masturbation is an act of pleasuring one’s sexual organs up to the point of reaching an orgasm. This act is tagged as a healthy habit by other people, but is also shunned by other individuals as an immoral act. What is really the score between masturbation? Is it an immoral act or a […]

Outcomes of Masturbation Addiction

-Masturbation addiction is something that can make your life miserable if you fail to stop it in time. Like any addiction, masturbation addiction tends to mount up day by day and eventually you will find yourself a slave to it. There are several negative outcomes of masturbation addiction that include: 1. Social withdrawal: To masturbate, […]