A Word of Caution on Masturbation

-If you crave to masturbate most of the time then you certainly have masturbation addiction. This addiction is not like any other addiction for this one comes from a wonderful state of mind but with harmful effects to your body. However, there’s always a way to avoid it because every addiction problem has its own […]

Stopping Masturbation: The Key to Joy

-Excessive masturbation results in multiple medical problems. A masturbation addict loses control over his or her sexual desires. When a person masturbates, he masturbates only for pleasure and sexual gratification. Because the person masturbating practices ejaculating as quickly as possible, premature ejaculation becomes a habit for them and a problem. In addition, erectile dysfunction, a […]

The First Step to Prevention: Minimizing Masturbation Frequency

-If you are a regular masturbator and struggling to quit this bad habit, then you may try to narrow down masturbation frequency. Generally, people used to masturbate at night when they go to bed. At this time, they lie down and begin to relax. They feel tired and have nothing to do but think. Basically, […]

Control Masturbation Addiction Through a Change in Outlook

-After finding out your reasons for masturbation, your next mission is figuring out how to handle the situation. Handling a situation is a great skill which you need to practice over and over. In any situation, you need to control your feelings, not be controlled by your feelings. Feelings are the sum total of your […]

The Harmful Effects of Masturbation

-Masturbation is an act of ejaculation or sexual excitement which is brought on other than normal sexual intercourse. It is practiced on one’s self by one’s own hands. Excessive masturbation, one that is practiced is more than four times weekly, can cause detrimental effects on a man’s sexual and physical health. The body suffers intense […]

An Informative Guide on Masturbation

-Masturbation means touching and rubbing different sexual limbs of the body to get sexual pleasure. It is quite common for all types of people though the frequency varies. Frequency of masturbation depends on certain things such as sexual habit, arousal of sex, attitude towards masturbation, resistance of sex, health etc. Statistics show that in USA […]

The Good and Bad Effects of Masturbation on a Relationship

-The effect of masturbation on a relationship is a controversial issue. Some specialists think masturbation helps make a good and healthy relationship while others find it harms a healthy relationship if you are a regular masturbator. One side holds the view of the positive side of masturbation. They think masturbation is a natural part of […]

Masturbation Addiction Discovered

-Men are more prone to masturbation addiction than women because of their human nature. From the younger generation up to the older ones, all have had some experience with masturbation. Once you have experienced this branch of sexual stimulation, there will be times that your urges become more and more frequent. This in turn can […]