Theodore, a Masturbation Addict

-It is a story of Theodore. Masturbation has ruined his life and his academic goals. It has become a great problem for him. He has wasted nearly 10 months of his academic semester yet he has not been able to focus on a single topic. As a side effect of constant masturbation, he also developed […]

Putting a Stop to Masturbation

-You must be thinking “Heck what is the connection between masturbation and dejection? Masturbation is the eraser of dejection and depression”. If this is what comes first to your mind, then draw the red flag. You have fallen under the powerful spell of masturbation addiction. Masturbation and porn addiction go hand in hand. If you […]

3 Quick Steps to Getting Rid of Masturbation Addiction

-Getting rid of masturbation can never happen in a snap. Treatment of every addiction is time dependent as we cannot declare a person free of addiction unless he has not seen any pornographic material or substance for a long period of time. If you are thinking that you can get rid of masturbation addiction overnight […]

How to Stop Masturbation From Ruining your Life

-Masturbation, among other things can ruin your life. Masturbation can be very addictive that it consumes you physically, as well as emotionally, making you powerless to control your sexual urges. Many people all over the world suffer from this problem, and they do not know how to stop masturbation from ruining their lives. There are […]

An In-depth Explanation of the Masturbation Addiction

-Masturbation is called the solitary vice by Freud. According to Freud, sex is the product of the union of a man and a woman who loves and complements each other. But in masturbation the other partner does not exist in reality. If the person who masturbates is a man, he imagines a woman; and if […]

A Potent Guide against Masturbation Addiction

-There are a lot of tips and guides available for people who are wondering on how to stop masturbating efficiently. This might be because of certain problems they have encountered with having a problem like masturbating addiction in their life. Masturbating can cause a lot of problems that may give way to some immoral acts. […]