Quit Masturbating in the Shower: Top Tips to Break the Habit

-According to one survey around 93% of men and 89% of women masturbate on a regular basis. The washroom and the bedroom were nominated as the most common places where one is likely to masturbate. Washrooms ensure privacy while the bed is known for the comfort that it provides. If you too are addicted to […]

Secrets on How to Stop Masturbating

-Masturbating is one of the most common immoral acts a person can do. A person who does masturbation is a person suffering from pornography addiction as well. This can prove to be a great problem in the later part of their life in which they can acquire certain complications physically as well as mentally. There […]

A Few Benefits of Masturbation

-There is a controversy in all sex specialists whether masturbation is harmful or if it is beneficial to people. However, we will discuss only the benefits of masturbation. Many psychologists suggest some patients who suffer from mental depression masturbate regularly. They do it because they have found that masturbation relieves depression as well as builds […]